<strong>Research Interests</strong>

  • Stochastic Mechanics
  • Stochastic Processes: Spatio-Temporal Simulation (3D-T)
  • Risk, Reliability and Sensibility Analysis
  • Uncertainty Quantification: Identification, Characterization and Propagation
  • Inverse problems: Bayesian and Extended Logic (Tarantola’s)
  • Bayesian Regression, Classification and Forecasting
  • Stochastic Design of Early Warning Systems
  • Causal Analysis through Influence Diagrams: Bayesian Networks
  • Causal Analysis through Influence Diagrams for Spatio Temporal Processes: Bayesian Networks + and Geographical Information Systems (BN+GIS)
  • Geostatistics: Probabilistic Site Characterization
  • Photomechanics: Identification of Localization Phenomena
  • Integrated Studies for Site Characterization: Geological, Geophysical and Geotechnical
  • Optimal Design of Foundations: Geomechanical Modeling and Stochastic Simulation
  • Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Micro-Parameters for Discrete Elements
  • Probabilistic Forecasting of Community Development Scenarios related to Energy Developments


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

PhD, Stochastic Mechanics, Civil Engineering Department                                                October 2006

MSc, Stochastic Mechanics, Civil Engineering Department                                                      May 2005


National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM, Mexico City Mexico

ME, Soil Mechanics, School of Engineering                                                                            June 1996


Autonomous University of Yucatan UADY, Merida Yucatan Mexico

BSc, Civil Engineering (Highest Honors), School of Engineering                              December 1994

<strong>Professional Experience</strong>

  • Construction Supervisor, Ingenieria y Planeacion del Sureste IPLANSA, Yucatán, México, 1990-1994
  • Research Assistant of Dr. Gabriel Auvinet G. Instituto de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM, 1994-2001
  • Project Manager. Geoestatistical Analysis of the Soil Data on the Site of the Rion-Antirion Bridge prepared for Geodynamique et Structure. Dr. Gabriel Auvinet, Mexico (1997-1999)
  • Adjunct Professor, Facultad de Ingenieria, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM, 1997-2001
  • Adjunct Professor, School of Engineering, Westhill University WU, México. 1998-2001
  •  Research Assistant of Dr. Roger Ghanem and Dr. Amy Rechenmacher. The Johns Hopkins University JHU, 2001-2006
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, International Centre for Geohazards ICG at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute NGI, 2006-2008
  • Visiting Scholar, SIMULA Research Laboratory, 2008
  • Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, 2008 - Present
  • Adjunct Research Scientist, SIMULA Research Laboratory, 2009 - Present

<strong>Honors and Awards</strong>

  • Highest Honors, Undergraduate Thesis Work,  UniversidadAutónoma de Yucatan, México, 1994
  • Fellowship, IV Summer of Scientific Research: Talents Encounter, Mexican  Academy of Sciences, México, 1994

  • Fellowship, II  and III Scientific Residence, Mexican  Academy of Sciences, México, 1995 and 1996

  • Research Assistantship, Prof. Gabriel Auvinet, Instituto de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México, 1995 -  2000

  • Fulbright Fellowship, 2001-2003

  • Research Assistantship, Prof. Roger Ghanem and Prof. Amy Rechenmacher, The Johns Hopkins University, 2002-2006

  • Listed in 'Who is Who in America 2012'

  • Listed in 'Who is Who in America 2013'

  • Listed in 'Who is Who in America 2014'

  • Fellow, Society for Underwater Technology

<strong>Research Awards</strong>

“Stochastic Geomechanics for Shale Gas Computing – Phase II”                    Texas A&M University

Sponsor: Plenum – CONACYT (Mexico); PI: Medina-Cetina Z.; two PhD students; from August/2013 to September 2014


"Forecasting the Impacts of Shale Gas Developments on Public Health and Transportation Systems on Both Sides of the Mexico-USA Border"                                                                                   Texas A&M University

Sponsor: South West University Transportation Center SWUTC; PI: Medina-Cetina Z.; one PhD student supported; from February/2013 to January 2014


“Stochastic Geomechanics for Shale Gas Computing”                                 Texas A&M University

Sponsor: Plenum – CONACYT (Mexico); PI: Medina-Cetina Z.; two PhD students; from August/2012 to December 2013


“Unknown Foundation Determination for Scour”                                      Texas A&M University

Sponsor: Texas Department of Transportation TxDOT; PI: Briaud J.-L., Co-PIs: Medina-Cetina Z., Hurlebaus S.; two graduate students supported; from March/2009 to August/2011


“Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems.”                                      Texas A&M University

Sponsor: Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America RPSEA; PI: Haut R. (HARC), Co-PIs at TAMU: Burnett D., Medina-Cetina Z.; one postdoc supported; from August/2009 to July/2012


“Stochastic Mechanics”                                                            Texas A&M University

Sponsor: Simula - Statoil (Norway), PI: Medina-Cetina Z.; one graduate student supported; from June/09 to May/2013


“Stochastic Identification of Soil’s Microstructure Fracture Phenomena Based on Micro-Tomography Imaging”                                                                           The Johns Hopkins University

Sponsor: Acheson Duncan Fund for the Advancement of Research in Statistics, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department AMS, The Johns Hopkins University; PI: Zenon Medina-Cetina; Co-PIs: Laurent Younes and Bruno Jedynak, Center for Imaging Science; Cino Viggiani, Laboratoire 3S-R, Research Unit of the Université Joseph Fourier and the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble; Postdoctoral Student (Medina-Cetina Z.); from June/2006 to August/2006


  • Fulbright Association, 2001 - Present
  • American Society of Civil Engineers, 2002-Present
  • Geo-Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2002-Present
    • Member of the Technical Committee of Risk Assessment and Management RAM
  •  American Statistical Association, 2003-Present
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2003-Present
  • International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2007-Present
    • Corresponding Member of the TC304 Committee on Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment and Management
  • Society for Underwater Technology, 2009 - Present
    • Member and Chair of the Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics OSIG Committee (USA Chapter)
    • Member of the Board (USA Chapter)
  • Center for Emergency Informatics, Texas A&M University, 2009 - Present
  • Engineering Mechanics Institute, 2010 – Present
    • Member of the Technical Committee of Computational Mechanics
  • Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute
    • Member of the Marine Renewable Energy Committeeand the Risk and Reliability Working Group, 2011 - Present


  • Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering: View Syllabus
    • Fall-08, Spring-09, Fall-09, Spring-10, Fall-10 , Fall-11, Spring-13, Fall-13
  • Mechanics of Materials: View Syllabus
    • Spring-11, Fall-11, Fall-12 
  • Geomechanics:View Syllabus
    • Fall-09, Fall-10 , Fall-12, Fall-13
  • Stochastic Mechanics: View Syllabus
    • Spring-12 , Spring-14

<strong>Editorial Boards</strong>

Guest Member, Editorial Board of GeoRisk: Assessment and Management of Risk for Engineered Systems and Geohazards, 2010 – Present.

<strong>Journal Reviews</strong>

  • Reviewer for the ASCE Special Publication “Current Practices and Future Trends in Deep Foundations”, ASCE Special Publication No. 125, DiMaggio J. and Hussein M. Eds, 2004.
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering ASCE, 2006 - Present.
  •  Reviewer for the XVII International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2009
  • Reviewer for the GeoFlorida 2010, Geo-Congress of the Geo-Institute of ASCE, 2009
  • Reviewer (Risk Expert) of the ASCE's Booklet 'So You Live Behind a Levee,' 2009: http://content.asce.org/ASCELeveeGuide.html
  • Reviewer for Acta Geotechnica, 2009 - Present
  • Reviewer for CENAGE-Learning, 2010 – Present
  • Reviewer for Geo-Frontiers 2010.
  • Reviewer for Geo-Risk 2011.
  • Reviewer for the International Journal of Reliability and Safety, 2011 – Present
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 2011 – Present
  • Reviewer for GeoRisk: Assessment and Management of Risk for Engineered Systems and Geohazards, 2011 – Present
  • Reviewer for the World Conference of Modeling and Simulation MODSIM 2011
  • Reviewer for the Geotechnical Testing Journal, 2011 - Present
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Structural Engineering, 2011 - Present
  • Reviewer for the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 2012
  • Reviewer for the ASCE Geo-Institute Geotechnical Special Publication Honoring Fred H. Kulhawy - Foundation Engineering in the Face of Uncertainty, 2012
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 2012 - Present
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, 2013 - Present
  • Reviewer for Geo-Congress 2014
  • Reviewer for Cold-Regions Science and Technology - Present
  • Review for the Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board - Present
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Environmental and Engineering GeoScience - Present

<strong>Proposal Reviews</strong>

  • Reviewer for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, 2010 – Present.
  • Reviewer for the National Science Foundation, 2010 – Present.
  • Texas A&M University - Consejo Nacional de Ciencias y Tecnologia CONACYT, 2013 - Present
  • Reviewer for the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America, 2013 - Present